For those who find black carbon too boring, T&B can provide wide ranging colored or silver carbon to suit any tastes. T&B does not depend on commercially available colored carbons and instead has developed its own process to produce stunning interiors. We have extensive experience with silver carbon and its derivatives as well.




An Exclusive Pearl White Carbon Trim

Pearl White Carbon modify you car or your favorite house decoration in an Exclusive Jewel





Carbon Kevlar

This Range Rover Sport was done in yellow carbon kevlar to match the exquisite leather work.  Unlike some companies, T&B does not base its colored carbon interiors on commercially available products. We specifically tailor our fabric to the color required by the customer. This process ensures a recult that is bright and saturated with color.


Range Rover Sport Door





Red Carbon Kevlar Interior

This Range Rover shows off T&B's skill on several levels. The red carbon kevlar sparkles sith its alternating red and black squares.  There was also a great amount of skill and effort involved to achieve the tight fit around the multitiude of buttons.

Range Rover Center Console





Silver Carbon

This Porsche stering wheel was done in silver carbon for a customer who wanted a real visual statement. Silver carbon is not carbon at all but a weaved nylon cloth.  It gives an interesting visual texture with a bright appearance. It can be used in any application that carbon could be used in.

  Porsche 996 Steering Wheel  




Panier Vide

Avertissement :  les prix indiqués concernent uniquement les frais de personnalisation des pièces d'origine


T & B Carbon Manufacturing is a leader in the creation and production of high quality carbon and wooden laminated parts for car interiors.

The quality of our products satisfies the demanding owners of the world’s most exclusive motorcars.  T&B has developed extensive product lines  for the likes of  Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.  We also produce products for non-automotive fields including computer accessories, cigarette lighters and household goods.
T&B is a wholesale and retail manufacturer that can handle any size job from small, single item custom work to large production runs. Our computerized ordering and production process ensure smooth communication and on-time delivery of all orders.  Please contact T&B's European sales office in Belgium or our partner company in the United States for more information.
All logos (ie: Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini) used are for information purposes only, and T&B is in no way affiliated with the respective companies.